About Solutiative

Solutiative was founded in 2011 and provides IT-services in application development, consultancy & training.

Through the years we have worked for various clients on numerous projects around the world. This has resulted in database applications for, among others, the legal sector, aviation industry, healthcare industry, warehouse and project management.

Our services

Solutiative specializes in building database applications using Servoy.
Servoy is a Rapid Application Development platform based on Java and uses javascript as the development language.
Applications will run directly from a browser using modern HTML and CSS, therefor the user interface can look just as familiar as many of todays websites.

In case it is required for your business, we can easily extend the application with REST API.


Rosa Spierstraat 147
2135 TS Hoofddorp
The Netherlands

+31 6 290 670 20

CEO: Marc Boegem